søndag 21. august 2011

Bursdag :D

Weeee :D I dag er Pablo 1 år og i morgen er Goldie 4 år. Vi har feiret i dag. La bildene og filmen tale for seg:

In English: Pablo is 1 year old today and Goldie is 4 years old tomorrow. Today we have been celebrating. Let the pictures and the litlle movie speek for themselves:

Birthdaycakes :D Mum removed the candles before we got it. She was afraid that we would eat it. Does she think we're stupid?

And presents - off course!

We got these strange toys, lots of treats and chewing bones for our birthday. Mum says that we are getting yet another present later this evening. What can that be?

Here is a movie from today's little party :D

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  1. Torill Ahnsell Dickinson21. august 2011 kl. 20:39

    Happy birthday Goldie and Pablo!! It looks like you have had a great day.

    Greetings from Grandma and Fredrik