mandag 15. august 2011

To our english speaking readers

Hi there!
Welcome to our blog. We are three kind of awesome dogs from Norway. You know, the country up north where it’s ridiculously cold and polar bears and wolves are wondering around the streets? Well, it’s not that cold here, and we have never ever seen wolves and polar bears here - thank god! 

We live in a house near the forest. The forest is the place where we get our daily exercise. We like to go for looong hikes with our friends, and mom – off course.

Goldie is the boss and diva of the family. She likes to lie on the couch all day and take long naps. When she is awake she usually guards the living room and calls mom when intruders are trying to get into our garden, and If you ask Goldie, she would say that there is a lot of them! Even intruders mom and the other dogs can’t see (!) Goldie’s interests are: barking, eating, sleeping, fashion, being a bitch... eh sorry, meant boss… etc.

Luca is the most handsome dog in the family, he thinks. He likes to look good. His hair is always nicely set in a bow and his mustache always properly groomed. Luca is a prince-charming and likes to flirt with the ladies. Both dogs and humans! He is in love with mom’s friend, Heidi, and not afraid to show it. He is hoping that one day she will love him back. Luca also tries to raise Pablo and teach him how to behave properly. That’s not an easy job, but Luca Is always up for a challenge or two. Luca’s interests are: ladies, Heidi, running, staying in great shape(you know; diet and exercise),Heidi, showing off, playing, etc. Did we mention that he likes Heidi?

Pablo is a very childish dog. He is turning one in august but still hasn’t got all his teeth. Still one missing, and Goldie and Luca likes to give him a hard time for that. Actually, he gets picked for many things and the only one who can understand him is Budda, the family’s cat. Pablo likes to watch Animal Planet on TV while he steals and chews on mom’s shoes, tears up newspapers and the mail, steals food and disturbs Goldie while she is sleeping. He also likes to steal Luca’s toys. That’s not smart at all; Luca gets really pissed off and nearly attacks Pablo. Pablo’s only solution to that is not to fight back- just to scream really, really loud. Coward!

We also have a job. Dogs can’t work, you say? Oh yes indeed they can! We work for our mom’s business Trudie Smoothie Design. We are models and manikins. We also test her products and make sure that every single product she sends out to a costumer is best of the best.

Well, we hope you have learned some interesting stuff about us. We will try to write some blog posts in English, since we have some readers from other countries. If you have any further questions please leave us a comment!

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