tirsdag 23. august 2011

Mitt første år

Pablo skriver:
Endelig får jeg også slippe til i bloggen. Goldie og Luca sover, så jeg må forte meg. Jeg hadde jo bursdag i går og fikk kake, gaver og alt. Herlig! Jeg hadde det sååå gøy. Gleder meg til neste år allerede!

Her er noen bilder fra mitt første år:

Pablo writes:
Mum helped me translate this; I don’t really know how to write in English yet.
So I finally get to write in this blog too. Goldie and Luca is sleeping, so I better hurry. They think they own this blog, you see. Yesterday was my birthday, and I had a blast! Loved it! It was so much fun, can’t wait for my next birthday. 

Here are some pictures from my first year:

The first day in my new home (october 2010). Goldie and Luca made it look like they liked me. They didn't :(

I discovered Animal Planet! Still love that channel. I learn so much by watching it.
I like to sleep on the couch.
I liked to sleep like this and still do. Nice to strech 'em legs.
I got a free ride in the Doggy Bag :) 

January 2011: BOB/BIR at my first dogshow. Me and mum to the left.
February 2011: My second dog show. BOB again :)

I LOVE to RUN in the snow!

Starting to grow bigger. I fitted into Luca's wintercoat. Now it's way to small.

Asking Goldie if she wanted to share some of the blanket with me. She didn't, off course.
Finally I'm bigger than Luca :D

This summer I learned how to swim. It is so much fun to play in the water!
This is how i look now. I look like a handsome young man, don't you think?

Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures.
See ya!

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  1. Torill Ahnsell Dickinson23. august 2011 kl. 00:46

    You are the most handsome guy I`ve ever met. Love you dearly.
    Love from your "grandma"